3 years, Posion Free

The green shards scattered like ants;
as angrily as they were frantic
catching the sun like emerald gems stones
smashed in the driveway,
along with broken hearts
cuffed, fighting, wriggling,
as if en-route to slaughter
freedoms dashed, anger glowing like a red sun,
privacy obliterated, on display like a hooker’s pride
catching the sparkle in the devil’s eye.
I didn’t like Chardonnay
Would I have thrown Pinot Noir…..
Some lesson’s come hard
when the oath you take
is the promise,
to find the real you?

Missing Piece

Deep inside there is cleverness abound,

never calculating, never plotting, NEVER quiet

overtly obvious to all who care;

no one….

creativity spurred by adrenaline, nature, song

endorphins a necessity,

all that my pores soak up

once recreated with expensive red wine;

waiting for the brilliance to bubble to the top,

the inner voice

tugged me back to my seat

again and again,

and when I sipped, I slugged thirstily,

and when life entered,

I was too big to handle.

I still miss me,

but you could not live there in that place

the residence of the artist “upstairs”

that which must imbibe in absoluteness

to make the wheels spin slower,

quieter, more like you

I miss the artist galloping

on horseback

traversing the prairies, jungles, stretches of green,

 faster than you can say

“Crazy Lisa”