My biggest regrets or my mounting mending pile?

My Biggest Regrets…or My Mounting Mending Pile


Not taking auto shop

Telling my kids the important quote “it’s better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven’t done” was said by a band called the Butthole Surfers.

My twenty-first birthday being “celebrated” the same weekend as my brother’s funeral

Writing only half of an important book

Not following that passion that keeps surfacing again and again-the need to sing and play an instrument

Streaking through a golf course, streaking through the zoo at night, streaking through a party……ahh, whatever-it’s better to regret something that you HAVE done than haven’t done 🙂

Not saying more to that childhood friend I bumped into because I didn’t have make-up on

Not telling my childhood friend, I wished I had been her friend despite that her husband would never be my friend.

Not telling the first love of my life, I knew I couldn’t marry him because I was too young.

Not having any dancing at my own wedding

Thinking walks are not exercise because you don’t sweat

Being way too smug and proud that I was one of the only ones “not showing” in the courthouse court  line-up for marriage license in Clark county Nevada!

Not being able to “partay like it was 1999-because I was pregnant….hmmm I could have still streaked?

Telling that doctor off who saved my life when I was six “How would you like me to shove a tube up your nose!”

 Not telling my father after finally speaking to him after twenty five years to grow some balls and make a decision without consulting with his wife.

Not giving myself more credit for being the kind of person I would want to know.

Not sending more pretty cards with a hand written note and a stamp of sealing wax that says, I would not be the person I am today without knowing you!

Not truly wanting to forgive my chain smoking mother for smoking in my home and telling me to go outside when I had an asthma attack-“It’s psychosomatic” she would say.

Not knowing the first time I got cut-off by a bartender….that me and alcohol just weren’t friends

Not Knowing about eyelash curlers in my twenties, Not knowing just how precious life was until I was 30