At moments life stands motionless
As if to pause, for us to catch up,
tempting us to make sense of it
To slow itself enough for us to take hold of it,
I don’t always want to tip it, inspect it,
understand it, or see it’s underside.
Sometimes I don’t feel like seeing it at all.
But I will allow the breeze to tickle my skin
And the rain to wash over me
So that I may wake to it’s beauty once again

Let Go



Somber is the winter wind

That slows the world

As the sun recoils,

In the slumber of winter,

Ambition retreats,

A hushed frozen pond

Awaits the thaw of release;

Colorless fingers shed the pale

Winters’ tight held breath

Finds wind for a dormant sail

The quiet sits hovering;

Vernal hope comes slow

Restore, renew,

Shed the fur;

Let go


I Promise to be Okay

Quiet used to tug at me,
like an empty wishing well.
Tarnished pennies
still add up to more hopes
then a bride left at the altar.
Heaven reveals the Y in the road
when silence engulfs me,
Panic dissuades me from breathing.
My instinct is to drink
And- Like a drunk, I’ll drink what you’ve got.
I won’t smoke because it’s dirty
But I’ll take a drag
if it’ll work,
Fill my lungs with new hope
Strengthen my blood to fight off cancer;
If it refills my well with clean water
I’ll lap from it, like a kitten laps his milk,
I will smoke until the embers burn my fingers
And I’ll let the quiet settle nicely,
In a way that the whole world
Feels new again.
I promise to be okay; to embrace the music
In the square dance of my mind.