A counselor once asked me,

As I sat with a burgeoning, life-filled belly,

“Why did you choose to have another child?”

Holding back words, I thought to myself

“Why is it that you are so short?”

I wrote her a check

And did not return;

I had work to do,

To prove her wrong

More than a Grocery List

                         More Than a Grocery List

Fruit, because it’s so lovely you can paint it

Rubber gloves, because life, at times, requires a barrier from you and it

Orange Juice, because oranges grow in a sunny place and Winter is heavy upon us

Tofu because if you don’t drink wine anymore, what’s the point of cheese?

Pears, because they behold Winter and remind us to celebrate womanly shapes

A fire log because if you’re squirrely indoors, it helps to recreate early man and the discovery of your own quiet ingenuity

White Roses, because it’s been a while since someone bought you any, and your spouse sees a BLT the same way

Roasted Chicken, so you can dice it into a pie crust, toss it into a white sauce and pretend you cooked today rather than wrote poetry


What if?

Would life be different if…..

I had blue eyes instead of green?

My first food had been carrots rather than peas?

If I grew up on Brahms rather than Beatles

If I had camped instead of flown to Disneyland?

If I had traded cornfields for ocean waves?

Shot guns into the ice rather than skated on it?

Married in a Church rather than a Vegas Casino?

Wrote less and read more?

Traded Sunday School for French School?

Learned to make my bed before adulthood?

Never seen human blood on asphalt?

Or the sideways drenching rain of murder?

Never seen a lightening bug or fried a grasshopper?

Or never traveled far enough to see real poverty?

Would I be me…..

If I didn’t have this moment now,

With you?