Every Girl

Every girl should have
The kind of friend
That calls on cue,
That knows the dream
You MUST pursue;
Every Girl should have
A tube of red,
A strapless Bra
An unspoken bond
With her PaPA,
White fluffy pillows
To drown her tears,
A boyfriend she’ll NEVER forget
For at least five years.
A favorite book;
Where her twin appears
On every page,
A secret longing
for the stage,
A song that puts the bounce
back in her stride
Black, black doe-eye mascara,
That makes her tears appear dried,
A girlhood friendship that is fleeting
An inner child who’s finally given up the beating,
A “forever” friend who moves away
With all those words and memories,
up until today.
SO what, that you were NEVER part of the “wedding”
There’s GOOD in this life,
Are you forgetting?