New Year

     I nearly drowned when I was ten, at a place fittingly called Deception Pass.  I refused to be afraid of water after that day, but still, I prefer to swim in water I can see through.     There are so many obstacles in the days that follow a new year that make you want to delineate yesterday from today.  Before from after.  Then from Now.  I choose to be present, look into the eyes of each day this year with optimism and eagerness to unveil life’s teachings.  Do you observe nature or nurture as your motivator? Do you push your chips mightily to the middle of the table without a glint of indecision even though you’re just bluffing?  Your success, your joy, your approach is a choice.   

     This year I may try not to bluff anymore.  I endeavor to let yesterdays struggle, yesterday’s worry, yesterday pain be fuel for compassion, for a better understanding of my own weaknesses, my works in progress.  In 2014, I endeavor to let yesterdays story be re-birthed into today’s trilogy called success.  I hope you join me!

Imagine Away the Hole

How I arrived at the Kennel is a mystery.

Perhaps like a lush arrives at the bottle’s end,

I was looking for something.

Biscuit, I would name her,

for her toasty almost white fur.

One precocious lab stared me down hard,

Watching me as deliberate as a prison gaurd

but with longing, chocolatey warm eyes.

She couldn’t t know my childhood pooch died in my arms?

if she were a song playing endlessly I would hear “I want you to want me”

like a record skipping, her eyes asking if she could be the one

to make me trust love again.

I preferred the fictitious lives,

whose pages comforted me always,

The ones that lined my dusty shelves,

Encounters, if too stirring, I could abruptly set down

My friends, Daphne, Saul, Edith and D.H. would never leave me

Cause even when they died, I could see them again,

If I so chose.

Half Full

Loneliness is a worlds’ burden
An outstretched hand that remains empty
A hand-that knows not its gifts.
A single song can reduce me
To a pool of tears, take me elsewhere;
Just as a single song can keep me buoyant
in a salty pool of my creation.
I can be trapped in the net
Of lifes lackluster clutches
Or steady my gaze to focus
On its many holes
In which through I can see a whole world,
mine for the taking