Free write on Love; the societal yearning

If you ask me,

And no one did;

Love that drips

Like French Vanilla ice cream

down a sugar cone

Should be accessible daily;

If you ask me,

And no one did,

it should not hover and gyrate,

Flesh and sequins, illusive,

mainstream love,

It should be a dose as regularly invigorating as a multi-vitamin,

Not just empty actions

…the wafer I place in my mouth

As I cross myself and wish it meant more;

I’m convinced, as I tongue-pry love from the roof of my mouth

It should not be pretend, symbolic, nor invisible;

Like the PTA moms

That should have dated more,

And talked less,

It should be real

Like the adult student who raises her hand

In Marketing 101 to put the lesson to a story

As her classmates cringe,

And her disconnect shouts,

looking for what she should already have

Love today begs for purpose,

For respect, for recognition

And Instead… is mired in desperation, manic truthfulness, security, love,

the kind in songs whose lyrical prose

and harmonies are musical symmetry, the kind of love that manifest itself as art

the closest to love there is;

if you ask me- and no one did;

It doesn’t flaunt firm thighs, scooping the air

Like J-Lo or Beyonce

Looking for talent, they way they look for love,

Real, authentic love, un-sexualized, sturdy, mentoring love

the kind that embraces vulnerability

Doesn’t even want to own a gun

for Safety; but loves knows love

There should be an abundance of love….If you ask me…..

And no one did.