A Diamond from Coal

The air is crisp;

The calendar

Ticks down,

Last year may resolve

With a gentle smile, or a frown?

The lungs fill deep with another day,

A trillion thoughts, lessons learned,

For my children to gather up,

With youthful eyes of green and blue

Bruised still, from years of an empty cup,

As sure as the warmth in their every breath,

As sure as in winter,

the whole world stills,

As sure as every birth

Is graced by death,

A New year creeps, or a cup that fills?

I flip from the 31st , not too eagerly, to the first.

There’s still that tale

Bubbling up inside,

if not told, will make a writer BURST,

The novelist unrealized, feels taunted,

Like a weary child,

fearful an adult will turn off the light,

Let the slate be cleared at Midnight

Let the words flow free with might,

Let all that is worth sharing

Partner with the dancer that is my soul,

Dig deep for courage revisit the “failed novel”

With the newness of a soft brown foal

After all, these things take time;

Think of the time it takes

to morph a diamond from coal?


Flesh and Fur

She meows incessantly
Her chiseled black Egyptian face
Amuses no one;
Cold, still air starts to move about
As the people stir,
Lights flick on
A forced start, a familiar aroma wafts
Heat livens the air
Volcanic fruits, earthy
Like a women’s deep, smokey jazz voice
Infiltrating the day as if
The sun peeked up from nowhere
Her whiskers stop twitching
And her tongue circles her whole mouth
Relishing every moist crumb of turkey pate’
Dutifully, and annoyingly
She weaves in and out of your feet
Testing your mood, agility, loyalty
You realize the gift
That is both flesh, and fur
The heartbeat of a new day