New Years resolutions drizzled in Cliche’

1.  Do not put the horse before the cart and don’t worry if the horse is ugly or not

2. Always see the forest for the trees and take time to distinguish the smell of pine from cedar and spruce

3. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but if you’re sitting around while picking either, you’re wasting valuable time!

4. Live simply that others may simply live…..and by LIVE, I mean, book it, record it, frame it, publish it, procure it and stop wondering when you’ll do it and do it already!

5. Some buy art and others by clothes and perhaps it’s time to get creative and make art in your closet where no one can find you?

6. When it rains it pours and it’s time to stop complaining about damp toes and get the proper footwear for the weather!

7.  You must be a friend to have a friend and with that, there is no time in this life to maintain friendships out of pity!

8.  If you cannot beat them join them, but if you repeatedly find it conflicts with your schedule perhaps you aren’t meant to join  them?

9. Real life is just as crazy as on T.V. and if you don’t find this to be true you are spending too much time at home with your nose in a book?

10.Silence is golden with the exception of the dismal tally sheet of how many times you’ve made love with your spouse this month?

David Letterman Eat your heart out!

Random Thoughts TOP TEN

1. Of course your family can press your buttons the most, they sewed them on

2. I think my cat understands my poetry more than anyone

3. It really is important to have siblings for your kids, so someone can attest to that “YES- events of your childhood in fact DID happen.”

4. Rather than fight a mood, I turn it inside out; which is why I had a wild patterned seventies polyester floral dress on yesterday
with cop glasses, and a Boston Celtic rapper ball cap; bill obnoxiously straight.

5. I am almost pleased that the discount brow wax went so poorly-or I’d never have noticed my brow pencil is dubbed, Dirty Blonde, like myself.

6. I realized yesterday that I am not the pretty sister anymore and I was oddly okay with that?

7. When I realized I was not the pretty sister anymore-I did realize I may be getting prettier inside……plus I am too tired to be vain and too old to be competitive

8. I have gotten over Facebook breaking up with me…..but I swear I have seen Facebook driving by my house?!

9. I should have never told my kids what a skin flute was.

10. I feel validated in spending double money on my haircuts and color since my husband is bald.

13 things I learned in 2013

13 things I learned in 2013

1.)    13 is not necessarily bad luck (11 is worse)

2.)    A baker’s dozen is the difference in you thinking you can eat 1 more, go for 12

3.)    One shouldn’t need to choose between colored lights or white on their X-mas tree, both is best!

4.)    Writer’s cannot help but be hermits cause they are not wired to focus on too many things

5.)    If you must “be a friend to have a friend,” I must get up earlier or I may be my only friend

6.)    Alcohol ICK  only applies to those of us whose propensity in life is “more is better” Less is More,

7.)    I don’t have any regrets, just work to do in hindsight

8.)    My best friends can indeed hear the call of my heart and the pain in my words, perhaps I will just accept I’m not the mystery I had hoped to be

9.)    People are my greatest gift, I should start to interact with them outside of characters on paper

10.)  Pre-Manstral Syndrome, PMS XY is just as tumultuous for parents as PMS  XX

11.)  If anything at all is missing in my house, eyelash curlers, the remote, Chili powder, the hammer, my new lipstick,  I can find it under my daughters bed

12.)  I never thought I would refer to Y2K as iconic a time period as the grunge scene, just way shorter

13.)  I never thought I would cry from tears of joy, but this year, I did and could care less about my mascara, which I finally put on…after I found it under Ava’s bed


14. Admittedly I am still superstitious…2013 taught me that you can feel as though you know someone from watching them on T.V., I miss you Tony Soprano, even though you didn’t know me 😦