Soccer Mom

Nylon shorts, shoes that grab the turf,

Suited up or not, a team feels your worth;

with a perfect white stripe

Framing that still growing knee,

You’d think it’s plain for all to see?

A sport, a practice, what lives within, what needs free,

A lesson in play is for the child, not me!

It’s to tease out a serendipitous love, discover…..

Summon a romance…..a first mouthful, like a fresh summer peach,

but still there are some that don’t practice, they just preach,

“You pay fifty bucks when she finds the net?!”

Life’s not a gamble, on that you can bet?

You rob her when you fill her head and yours ”

Go ahead-tell yourself, “MY player is best”

But it’s messy when the ego bursts

…..or when you don’t pass life’s test?

We hear  it all…..

what you do and don’t say

And, it ain’t about you mom,

Sorry, not today.