Not So Alone

The people down below

Have been doused for days;

a proper washing…

Where’s the scrub brush?

A little misting wouldn’t do.

The sunshine, a large kindly dose,

Was sent to warm them fully,

To rebirth their kindness,

To widen their eyes….

To the needs of those hurting,

To remind them,

even beauty can be harsh;

Even Blinding at times,

Why did they not slow….to smile at one another?

Why didn’t they stop to splash about?

I didn’t want to pummel them with non-stop rain,

But they needed to be soaked,

Plastered, sopping, cold to the bone

Look up, take note

You are not so alone

Pain’s hidden beauty

My wrists swell, like the lids of my eyes

After a hard, repressed cry surfaces;

Tears find their way out,  

as naturally as a snakes skin, they must be shed,

for fear the heart will become saturated,

or the salty droplets will extinguish

the embers that warm the insides,

Why though- does my flesh expand,

Heavy, puffed as if I’m padded to be tackled,

to prepare my innards from outward attack?

When the insides put up a fight of its own

It’s like the shadow of my 20’s self,

It’s emphatic, on guard, fluffed and cooing;

pomped feathers to protect my bones

 For fear life will chip away at them.

I never thought I’d see the day

I felt more brittle

like a shelf of once adored miniature figurines

Layers of dust, blanketing their charm,

Perhaps I should write a letter to my first love

And thank him again?

The Face of Lupus

Thanks Michael!

Thanks Michael!

It hurts to squeeze a lemon,

It hurts to brush my hair

I hear you say “just text me”

and the swelling and Pain,

just make me swear &%*#@*#*@!

It hurts to squeeze the toothpaste

My hand’s as crumpled as my hope

Will there ever be cure for Lupus?

Some days it feels a cure would be a rope…

It hurts to pretend to keep up with you,

It hurts to hide the pain from my face

It hurts to know there is so much suffering

As a member of this human race

Sometimes I must share the scary stuff

And remind us both, we are not alone

Cause this Lupus stuff can be a huge life barrier

Worse than a teenager

and his phone.

infusion2The Face of Lupus Thanks you-REAL Survivors, meant to be here!