A Prostitutes Delusion (rated R)

                      Last week the Swat team moved into a child prostitution ring-two blocks from my Seattle home…enough is enough  It’s time to address the epidemic of child prostitution…….

The hurt crept in,

Like I knew it would,

Life’s no story book

In fact -it’s just like you said

So I didn’t look back,

I just buried my head;

Lipstick smeared on my face

Like a tick devouring flesh

Without the heroin, the meth, the booze

I might have heard God’s say “start fresh”

But the hurt crept in,

Urging me down the path- self destruct, lie and steal

In the back seat, in the front seat;

In the Mexicans truck

Could the nurse have known – the minute I was born

“labeled me-another worthless fuck?”