Packing IS a trip

I lay out my things,

I come up short,

I pack like a boy

but I’m not that sort.

I inhale deeply,

take hold of one thought;

start with my feet

and fluffy hunters cap I’ve bought,

small modern comforts, scented lotion and floss

helps remind me I’m no troop leader

but a demotion’s no loss.

I will see the world on horseback, eat pancakes on a griddle

make up silly camp songs,

perhaps a slightly dirty riddle;

when the lights go down

I’ll unfurl my legs out on my musky cot

I will bring every God danged bit of fun I have got;

You guessed it….It’s Girl Scout weekend,

we gear up and we roam

I’ll leave creature comforts;

just adventure is sought

back at home I’ll leave worry

with whatever I forgot!