Lonliness is meant to be…….

Loneliness is, movingly powerful in a way that stifles you to inaction…because your heart feels trampled by life or lack of the life you thought you would have at present. What’s oddly settling, even poetic about lonliness is it spurs action.. Like BO on a hot day…all that is toxic pours out of you- like too much caffeine from your pits on a 90 degree day, in essence it calls attention to itself. Today admit the moment you feel secure as sure as you admit that perhaps now on a Friday with no plans on the horizon….you feel a bit lonesome?
Grab hold of what you love and nurture it like you do a baby….it can be a rock in your garden or a favorite book-just admire it and love it for a moment. Just don’t give in like the new moms sucked into postpartum paralysis. Answer the call, bake REAL butter cookies and hand them out to neighbors just because. Go dance if you feel the need, sing out loud, go back to the grave and cry…..Whether it’s Jimmie Hendrix, or your brother,…oh wait a minute-this is about you-not me, cause I for one am NOT feeling a sense of loss or friendship, cause, you’re here with me-right? right?…..it’s soo quiet. I know you feel me…. okay agreed, let’s both make a gourmet dinner and light candles and put on something fabulous tonight. It’s okay if it’s just a fragrance or a ruffled tux or a fifties style dress, don’t go rent a tuxedo or anything, even though I would LOVE that! Do wear the reddist lipstick you can find, the color of the fire of loneliness, do it for us-and no one else. Also, I am looking you in the eye with serious green eyes right now-promise me, to smile when you plate up tasty treats for us. Or your husband, your wife, your dog. and maybe you’re neighbor the one you don’t know even though you have lived their for ten years, they may want to join you? Don’t cry unless they are real tears; tears of joy or tears cause you are still thinking about that Roger Ebert film “Life Itself.” Just for me, today, and to face loneliness dead on- have a quiet moment to honor real shit, like loneliness-or our blogging life, an how it isn’t fake, it makes us know we are all connected-that all is good in our big world. Honor that, I feel like we’re friends,the blip of recognition should rise up into like blood after you’ve been upside down and sit up again. The hole where the lonely place started….. will feel smaller today and you will feel just that much bigger!