New Year

     I nearly drowned when I was ten, at a place fittingly called Deception Pass.  I refused to be afraid of water after that day, but still, I prefer to swim in water I can see through.     There are so many obstacles in the days that follow a new year that make you want to delineate yesterday from today.  Before from after.  Then from Now.  I choose to be present, look into the eyes of each day this year with optimism and eagerness to unveil life’s teachings.  Do you observe nature or nurture as your motivator? Do you push your chips mightily to the middle of the table without a glint of indecision even though you’re just bluffing?  Your success, your joy, your approach is a choice.   

     This year I may try not to bluff anymore.  I endeavor to let yesterdays struggle, yesterday’s worry, yesterday pain be fuel for compassion, for a better understanding of my own weaknesses, my works in progress.  In 2014, I endeavor to let yesterdays story be re-birthed into today’s trilogy called success.  I hope you join me!