Copywriter For Hire

Some swallow flaming torches for thrills. Others hone their craft training for the big day; be it a marathon, a dog show, a gallery opening, a fashion show. Writing, for me, is what cooking is to Chefs an expression of their art. A blank page is as exciting as a white plate add words or sauce…..they drizzle it wiping away drips; editing it for perfection, display word are the sauce against my white plate. I am no expert, because I will practice until the day I die. It’s something I must do.  When writing is timely, shaped by precision editing, precise in it’s punch-the written word is a perfectly flaky crust and a perfect cup of coffee, a comedian with the right joke at the right time in your life. A good writer can recreate silence with words. I strive to become a good writer.

I’d offer you my wordsmith services for hire. I’ve produced copy for cable advertising and some news copy. I also dabble in creative, raw and often unedited prose on this website. I can create corporate copy, marketing writing is my specialty branding is my vision. I have 15 years of sales a marketing experience.
I started writing poetry at age five. I have a BA in Broadcast Communications-From Western Washington University where studied in media, and did a short stint in News. My career was in Marketing Project Management in medical software, banking and athletic wear. I am proficient in administrative duties.  Currently I am creating a collection of poetry, some darkly comic work and a work of fiction.
What fuels me? Foreign films, Music, Neil Young, Wilco, The Beatles, The White stripes, Nina Simone, Jack White, Ben Kwellor people that song write and put it to Music. I love fashion, cooking, edgy art, politics, thrift shopping, soccer, MUSIC, a classic novel, a swim. My 15 and 11 year old and husband mean more than words might express. They are a good source of my humor. Be warned. This site is often poor testament to my true copy editing and punctuating as it’s often from the hip, on the fly and written first draft. My work for hire, is polished as I edit when paid!    another page.

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