She had tried to throw away such an  ardent rule; the one that worked against her.  The one that says within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone you will asses their character, that it is a pinnacle moment of defining the person as a whole.  I mean, especially since it was applying to her directly it shouldn’t have counted.   Had she not caught his eye and been so taken aback by him, she may not have had that passionate glint; the pained one, the hiccup of the heart, triggered by simply seeing him.  Admittedly she had felt like such a dolt.  She had just left the coffee cart full piping hot cup in hand and they locked eyes.  It was exactly once second later, she dumped her entire soy latte on the cafeteria floor.  It was much later he said the exasperated look on her face was impossibly cute and he loved the way she wiped the floor, took matters into her own hands on impulse, this was no time for a latte perhaps so she left the cafeteria empty handed and rushed to class.  This said many things to him that he would later learn should have warned him.

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