Rouged cheeks, legs crossed


Green and glistening; like a salad

Perfectly tossed.

Pinkies skyward, florally citrus abides,

I can still smell the cigarette on her- I know that she hides.

Leaning in…excitement grows;

“I’m pregnant mom, do you like the name Rose?”

“I thought marriage, maybe- weddings are nice?”

I can see her coping face;

Yep- here come fairy tale mice……

A storybook mouse, his jet engine revs,

Or is that the scooping air of tea being sipped?

“If you’re going to sew- honey-don’t just sew what is ripped!”

I carefully stretch my words, my whiniest voice “you were my good child?”

I mock her…..then hollow Silence.

“I am VERY glad you’re you.”

“I almost forgot,” she says “I’ve a secret too.”

“I did it…-I CAN’T show you, I got a tattoo!”

Smiles abound “Today I’ll be the mom,” or tomorrow “she quipped”

….Yes it’s cheesy and forced, a Hallmark Too doo,

But it is fun, Mother’s Day, “we’re proper ladies, acting;” lips pursed

“Okay Jane”

“Okay Sue”

“ if Dad doesn’t like it, well whoop dee doo!”

“Poise with grace like a mom- when you tell him-let’s not kid, he’s lucky he stayed,”

Like a synchronized swimmer, we’re all on display?

“Keep smiling, keep nodding, “keep birthing?    “ew….?

embossed metal tongs like a stork

deliver a cube of sugar to my tea,

Plunk, a poetic splash, like a mother, she puts one in my cup too

“Remember dear, FORGIVENESS is motherhood glue.”

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