Greener Seas

An excerpt from YA Novel (In the works)

The Strait of Gibraltar had never crossed my mind before a few hours ago.    It should have.    The Iberian Peninsula marks two vastly immense bodies of water intermingling, I mean; it’s like Romeo and Juliet in the form of oceans.  The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; remarkably elusive, powerful bodies.  And then there is little old me.   Here I was floating on the boat deck, as innocent as a cheerio in a bowl of milk about to reach a place where they may not even eat cereal and I didn’t have a care in the world.   We’re all just people, and this is all just water?     I mean it it’s no Puget sound, it’s the Mediterranean Sea….. vastly sexier, saltier and heavier than the the Atlantic Ocean, submissive and shy, an ocean proper, like Ella Fitzgerald compared to Beethoven’s Fifth?    In people, just like in nature, one simply must lay down and take it like a…….less saltier,  less sexier entity?     There comes a time, one must accept it’s the weaker one, submission is inevitable.. naturally a power struggle ensues.  With Gibraltar-The struggle can even be seen by radar.  Individual undercurrents are real but we cannot see everything.    Looking closer to anything is very revealing.  By radar we see undercurrents, dominance, mystery it can leave us daydreaming idiots and forget the very real fact were headed to Northern Africa and we’re 18.    Taking a boat across the Strait was a bigger deal than I thought,  where the others lost confidence on the boat over, we all gained a greenish palour to our cheeks as they drained of blood when we stepped foot in Tangiers.  The Very moment they stamped our passport Arab Emirates should have clued us in- maybe we were in over our heads?

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