To Be continued

It’s sad that I cannot juggle more plates; as this site has become increasingly more meaningful and revered for me.  I pour my love here; all the love my teenagers toss back at me, it lands here! has evolved from a daily unedited blog rant, started from one night of insomnia to a network of refined techniques and profound discoveries of some extremely brilliant and diverse followers!

For the next few months I will be dedicating every comma, every characterization every tweet from my brain to my feet to my young adult novel!  It’s currently being called Queenie and Roscoe’s gift but we know how things morph and change.   My book is based on four Characters who have been planning a trip to Europe….. and Europe leads to Northern Africa somehow.  Their trip was a dream for years.  They had planned it in detail since Middle school and the one adult who urged them to go taught them more, it turns out, than simply the rules and secrets to some serious rounds of poker.

The four girls find themselves on many unforeseen adventures and while they thought they had packed everything, there are some things they simply couldn’t have prepared themselves for.   On a movie set in the middle of the desert, secrets are revealed.  The four friends learn something about each other and in turn they learn something even deeper about themselves. Upon their return from their overseas explorations they decide to take on one of the most powerful organizations in the United States, in order to help a true friend in need the turn her pain into action.

Stay Tuned or follow me on Twitter Lisa Behrens@theeotherlisa

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