There is so much more (for Kirsten)

I know you see,

There is so much more

Than the disarray

of my messy floor….

I know you see

I fidget, I fumble;

Lick my wild bang, smooth

As I approach, I stumble….

Still licking it down with the paste of my slobber

My house looks ransacked “untamed” I giggle

“Did you see the Robber?”

As if an untamed curl should evoke such scandal

Can you see there’s more, hope pleads

As I trip on my sandal.

Lines… fresh imprints from my still warm sheets

“Guten Morgen!” I blurt…in a sleepy mumble

Least my toes are polished…I look down at my feet

I’m sorry I didn’t get your early morning tweet?

I shake my head to clear the sleep

My dreams still fresh, ripe with defeat,

But I know you see

That there’ s some much more

And still somehow….

I’m glad,

you’re  at my door

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