Queenie and Rosco’s Gift

Sneak Peek into my young adult Novel:


Anna’s Journal
I was alone when I found her journal. The girls had left in search of sandwiches when I found it. There are certain things that are just hard to find when you travel abroad, Sandwiches being one of them-and maybe Pizza.  I wanted pizza now-delivered, gooey, shimmery with orange oil you must dab off, hot tangy slices that leave your lips glistening and cheese hanging dumbly off your mouth.  Pizza is actually junk food, which is why they went looking for sandwiches. I was hungry.   I could smell pizza in my daydream.  It’s not the same here-pizza, sandwiches either really. Take Tuna with Green Olive on a baguette.   I never found that option at the Deli. Oh and the Deli-it ain’t Subway, thank God. Once you travel, you expose your taste buds to new standards of flavor, you’re changed.  We had a big journey ahead which called for sustenance.  Helena, Anna, and Trysta left me alone with my migraine. They’re nurturing like that.  And-well….in my weakened state-I find it. I know excuses are lame.  There it was-   Poking it’s lamby soft leather head out from under the corner of the pillow as if it called out to me. “Laney….Psst.Laney, “ELAINE!, Only mom called me that…or teachers on the first day.   “Go on- peek in it like a bad friend.”    It was soft grey brown leather, embellished with a Celtic design. It’s secrets should’ve been safe inside. It had a strip of thin soft leather lacing with a button on the end to secure it’s pages shut. That really should have stopped me? In hindsight I never would have looked in Hellie’s or Trysta’s stuff.   I had known them too long. There were few mysteries left there. But Anna? In only ten months of knowing her, I hadn’t entirely figured her out, which for most people would be fine. Not me of course I was born to seek truths to understand what most never even thought to wonder about. Perhaps that is why I dreamed of being a journalist.

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