Let’s talk Cyber Manners

Hey you, I like your ass! (sorry)    If you’re a man how did that feel?  If you’re a woman, you’re no stranger to that phrase. You probably heard it first on the school bus.  If I could pucker right now, I’d whistle at you in my best call…the one where I stick my two fingers in my mouth and blow a noise that stops traffic. But I’m too angry to.  Why you ask?   I have been cyber stalked, and I won’t have it.

What is it that makes some dangle their sexuality out front of them like it rules them from sun up to sun down? Is it too much to ask to apply polite discretion to our digital lives? Society is swimming in messages that sex and drugs rule, I feel sorry for Rock N roll.

Sexual glorification enters every room we occupy in this world, Second only to the over glorification of alcohol consumption as of a means of good coping and how to have fun on weekends.    Why am I up in arms that now perverts can get to me in my own home?   Well, both my daughter and myself have been cyberstalked, and frankly we need to establish some rules for Instagram and Facebook, NOW!

A person, I barely know stalked me, thankfully just online. I hate to sound parental and preachy, but hell- common sense isn’t everyone’s currency?  Here’s a reminder of some simple ways to brush up on your cyber manners while on Facebook.

  1. Don’t announce to someone things like, I have fantasies about you. This is just plain and simple bad manners. Would you say that to a person’s face. Well then you’re an idiot!   Hold fast to your integrity, it’s precious, plus EVERY POST can be printed out for a police report, DOH!
  2. Don’t share things simply for shock value and attention.   It should measure up with every day life, PG.   If this is a hard rule to apply, use the method we were taught in news writing, “write for an 8th grade audience.”
  3. This next one burns me.  Cyberstalking.  My lips are pursed and my skin feeling bristling with nerves, yeah I‘m holding in the anger trying to seep from my pores. Even the cilia inside me bristles.   Don’t be a sexist, ogling pervert with your comments, keep it clean.  You know who you are!
  4. Facebook invites so many character flaws, reread what you are about to post, and for God’s sake, make sure you aren’t drunk when you post it. Yeah, I know, I have done it too, bad, bad, bad.  Another reason I’m glad I’m sober.
  5. Ensure what you have to post does not affect others adversely.   I am guilty here too but today’s a new day. (I do love a good shocker just for the endorphin rush). Let’s all review whether what we put out their helps someone grow, relate or moves them to positive action, nope?  Well bloody well don’t hit post!
  6. When you try to be neutral, stay neutral.  Don’t take a side, just put out an open ended question for a good forum of discussion. Don’t invite conflict, don’t be THAT guy, ew. Trouble makers are a time suck.
  7. Never bash family members online, that is like turning your dirtiest pair of undies inside out and wearing them on your head, it’s simply embarrassing, plus they make hats if your head is cold.
  8. Rethink everything twice before posting! Even Pics. Just because I am size 6 and can wear a bikini at 44 doesn’t mean I should put it on my profile.   (insert giggles).  In all seriousness sure you’re proud of all the hard work and new Zen lifestyle.  Some may some be caused serious anxiety and go binge and purge… be delicate.
  9. If you want to connect with others of similar interests, just watch for dangerous pairings. Don’t get too personal. When you do post that bikini picture, and announce you have just switched from a heterosexual lifestyle to a homosexual one, this could test the new waters.  My point?   You cannot anticipate the realm of others’ interpretations.
  10. Always “friend your kids.” If you aren’t monitoring your child’s Facebook account, chances are they have been cyberstalked already. My preteen daughter had a middle aged man outstretched on his bed as her friend. If you didn’t say ew, check your perv factor.   We had the discussion, a day too late. I monitor her stuff openly.

I am just a person, albeit I’ve been called pretty.  This adds an element of experience, and detract all ego here, it is what it is.  Beyond “pretty” or ex pretty as youth is fleeting- I am a person of words, a person of passions,  a person who tries always to forgive, and to see the whole package…did I say package…. but my online passions are NEVER sexual, call me old fashioned!   Someone the other day encroached on my digital boundaries, frankly It gave me the willies…..try wholesome and classy communications.   I’m convinced I must take  down my family pictures, my vacation pictures, my hubby pictures cause- ONE WEIRDO CAN RUIN EVERYTHING!    Take my advice: If you are not a huge geek with a long trench coat, and  a whole bookshelf filled with Halo & Enders Game books, don’t use the word Fantasy in communications on Facebook, it’s towing the line dude.10: Never Cyber stalk: Hey men/women,  that scene in vacation Chevy Chase/Christie Brinkley flurry of hot slobbery abomination ogling, it happens in 2015.   You could be the next subject.  Only friend good close friends.


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