Writing Nugget…..YOU, calling all writers, complete the scene, finish the story!

A boyfriend once broke my heart.  I will never forget, looking in through the prisms on the floor that the antique glass splayed across the hardwood.  It was about seven on a Friday. Through the glass door I could see him clearly entertaining his two friends, she, prettier and more stylish than I could hope to be, the kind you would tell no one you wanted to be like, him, too handsome to actually be worth talking to…..or was that my mind playing tricks on me. I looked in that Friday night like a lost puppy wondering, why no biscuit for me?

The problems that night were lasting.   They came full throttle,  hurling out into the night ruining everything,  like a 21 year old after his first frat party, and to frost it with just a tinge of danger, well- I was wearing my Blue Cowboy boots.

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