This time it was forever

The boys let themselves in that day,

To inspect where childhood stood still forever,

Remaining changed but unchanged,

Frozen the last time they shut their lockers.

They reached their fingers

into the sky,

instead of sky there was ceiling,

They worked their hands

grimy wrenching, probing, like plumbers,

Who wouldn’t play detective?

Who wouldn’t come looking for answers?

Perhaps they just came looking;

Looking for new life where old life ends,

They combed the ceiling as if there were no longer a ceiling,

Hoping for more, a whole galaxy;

infinite hope, cracks in darkness-

Where light shines through,

Like an opening as if time travel were real,

So much decided,  as the school door shut

And the students clustered off, we had weekend plans,

Like a thumb pressed against the nozzle of a garden hose,

Our lives burst out all over everyone,

Who’d have guessed he was first,

First-to know about the unknown,

We stood not wanting to leave there,

Just maybe he’d float back,

from the sheer power of want;

Like an astronaut attached to our ship,

We had our pain and now we had our answers,

As our hands pulled away,

Something oily, wet, like grease, unexpected

Was there upon our fingertips,

It wasn’t grease, grease fixes things,

It was blood, like truth;

It was proof, that life was shed

“Why?”  I asked, He told me not to,” he said

And then we had to go, it was so different this time,

Cause this time, it was forever

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