The Meaning of Meaning

You can’t know,

You are you,

And I am me,

The space looms for me,

It feels big and empty;

For you, there is simply space

mathematical maybe,

For you, it feels much like nothing feels,

For me, it scrapes at my heels,

Rubbing them raw,

For you, it barely laps at your feet,

The way the slimy polluted skin of a wave

Clings to bare toes,

You are unaffected,

me- rumpled inside,

Unanswered questions surround me,

Like small, yapping dogs

For me it poses like an imposter would;

A Reminder,

Familiarity doesn’t always breed comfort

But….don’t deny me

My perception,

That this is all a laborious charade;

A waste;

Devoid of intention,

Devoid of joy,

Devoid of that which makes,

The meaningless…..


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