Cats and Husbands


Kitty meows incessantly

“What do you want Lolli?”

She follows me around the house,

She wants to tell me something.

A mishmash, of perfectly molded

kitty pate’ awaits her, untouched,

The smell still on my fingers,

I let her out, she lulls about,

Her sad, desperate yellow eyes

Prominent, moody;

Like Elvis painted on black velvet,

She peers  through the door’s side glass,

All eyes against black fur,

I just watched her furry buns pad off,

Crooked black tail tickling cold air,

She’s at the door- wanting in

I know not what she begs of,

A little brown regurgitation

A mix of things she shouldn’t have eaten

Clues me in,

Reminds me of early marriage,

When my husband tried to tell me

What upset him,

But couldn’t find the words……..


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