Dear Wednesday

Dear Wednesday
Please let today be more rave than rant,
Don’t tell me anything
That begins with “can’t”
Don’t use the word “don’t”
I’m more delicate than a ripened pear,
Don’t stretch your eyes vertically and quizzically
As if you don’t like my hair,
Don’t bother calling unless you’re a survey or robocall,
I’ve lost all knack for interaction,
And I’m too busy decorating for no one,
In themes “all things FALL”
If indeed I do venture out;
Through the slop of rain and muck,
It’s fine if you flip me off while driving,
I’ll let it roll off me like a duck……
You should know I’m not like others’
I never even THINK that you’ll have a gun,
You- Flipping me the bird-warms my sense of spirit,
Emotion’s something I’d never shun;
And for God’s sake if you like me….
Pair some actions with those words,
Being a Seattlite come October
Makes a hermit look more social
than a Playboy bunny
At a cocktail affair.
For what it’s worth-failed attempts with people
Make me write, to find my flare!

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