Aging, the wonderous Carmelization of Self

Aging, the Wonderous Carmelization of self

Let it be known, it’s natural to ponder life, tick, tick ticking away. Before your eyes, your first child walks then drives a car, gets married. Life unravels before you- like it or not. It’s meaning, its’ call, it’s message? Nothing that cannot be found in any number of songs, from the Eagles, to Aretha to Merle Haggard, it’s there like that sign you’ve driven by for years and just noticed.ds….…As we accrue another year, as if it were a freckle, we cannot turn away from those lessons, those hidden gifts, they simply are everywhere.
People, myself included, as they age, often want the brief scenario of things, the quick n dirty. I even gravitate towards the section of the newspaper, that tells the most in the least amount of words, I just love the obituaries for this reason. Seems morbid-yes? I find it honest, the topic of life, calls death on the carpet in contrast. Perhaps we read the obits to feel as though our lives are in good measure; keeping in stride with at least the average person’s story. If for nothing more, than ticking off of our list-what five Who, What Where When and Why’s of our lives would be of mention if today was our last day on earth? Do you fall short, and if so, what’s stopping you from get busy with your real truth the job you were sent to do. Today may as well be the day you get busy fluffing up your story, putting the finishing touches on the life that defines who you truly are?
For many, we find being a parent, a graduate, a stable, conforming, law abiding, home owning member of society perhaps is too insignificant to chalk up to being successful. Today, just dream a little, risk a little, be brave and fearless if just for today. Google that idea you’ve been sitting on. Research open land to build that house, or that roller rink in the nasty part of town to give kids a place to have fun and be safe? Is there a patent on your invention? How much would you really have to save to do it? Just maybe, it is brilliant or innovative or original or soooo good someone did it already? That’s validation. You know that project you don’t have the money to do? You know that plane ticket you don’t have the money to purchase- make it happen? Go find it, sell your art, sell your table, refurbish old shit and double the price, make your prized cracker recipe (my neighbor has a huge newly built house for this exact reason!) don’t whine about never having been there, find a way, and GET there! Polish up your obituary before you must, hurry to volunteer and shine up your unattained goals! Make it happen. I for one want to be moved, inspired; relieved by your good ending…. if in fact-God willing, you end up in the Obituary section of tomorrow’s paper!

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