Garbage Day

So, So, Soo many summer items
come in a box,
slip n slides, fans, raspberries
chlorine defense shampoo,
coconut scented products,
to tame
yer locks,
and protect your doo,
cupcake holders, to go boxes

corndogs, pizza, &; bunny Mac
flashlights bolted,
in anti-theft box
freeing them?
You -the package,
Redfaced, bereft, plasticine, cardboard, a lost hour,
My recycle bin tells the tale
of a month of summer past
If you’ve bought
bottled water,
this is where the lecture will begin”
you may want to start
looking for a new earth
to galavant, this time
innovatively, not wastefully
perhaps, free?
of “garbage Sin?”

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