Packing IS a trip

I lay out my things,

I come up short,

I pack like a boy

but I’m not that sort.

I inhale deeply,

take hold of one thought;

start with my feet

and fluffy hunters cap I’ve bought,

small modern comforts, scented lotion and floss

helps remind me I’m no troop leader

but a demotion’s no loss.

I will see the world on horseback, eat pancakes on a griddle

make up silly camp songs,

perhaps a slightly dirty riddle;

when the lights go down

I’ll unfurl my legs out on my musky cot

I will bring every God danged bit of fun I have got;

You guessed it….It’s Girl Scout weekend,

we gear up and we roam

I’ll leave creature comforts;

just adventure is sought

back at home I’ll leave worry

with whatever I forgot!


3 thoughts on “Packing IS a trip

  1. Lis, love reading you here. Love your voice and that you are leaning into that brain and heart you have that are so unique to you. Poetry suits you, my dear, I am glad you are collecting it here. I hope someday soon you will be published, because these are that good.

    HUG TO YOU my sister.

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