Mother’s Heartache

You cradled them,

You sang, you cooed

You gave them organic

Baby food,

Through preschool co-op

And Toddler story time

You encouraged them

“WOW you said a nursery rhyme!”

You told them, “you did it, you rock, Atta Boy!”

You bought them that obnoxious

Power Rangers toy.

But when it came time

To feel the sun shine back

Puberty stormed your house like a viscious attack

You “know I love you, you know you’re smart,

You will always have a special place

Deep in my heart….”

You’ll blossom, you’ll flourish,

You’ll even TYPE someday,

But for now, don’t dishearten me

With those hateful words you say

Don’t blame me, deface me-I’m your mom- don’t ask why

Just yesterday you used to marvel at a housefly….

Don’t pretend you don’t feel when you make me cry

We’ll both mend these wings,

and  once again fly?



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