David Letterman Eat your heart out!

Random Thoughts TOP TEN

1. Of course your family can press your buttons the most, they sewed them on

2. I think my cat understands my poetry more than anyone

3. It really is important to have siblings for your kids, so someone can attest to that “YES- events of your childhood in fact DID happen.”

4. Rather than fight a mood, I turn it inside out; which is why I had a wild patterned seventies polyester floral dress on yesterday
with cop glasses, and a Boston Celtic rapper ball cap; bill obnoxiously straight.

5. I am almost pleased that the discount brow wax went so poorly-or I’d never have noticed my brow pencil is dubbed, Dirty Blonde, like myself.

6. I realized yesterday that I am not the pretty sister anymore and I was oddly okay with that?

7. When I realized I was not the pretty sister anymore-I did realize I may be getting prettier inside……plus I am too tired to be vain and too old to be competitive

8. I have gotten over Facebook breaking up with me…..but I swear I have seen Facebook driving by my house?!

9. I should have never told my kids what a skin flute was.

10. I feel validated in spending double money on my haircuts and color since my husband is bald.

One thought on “David Letterman Eat your heart out!

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