What Grooves U.S. on the State of the Union


     Today’s post is in support of Obama!  Tonight is the state of the Union address.  Or if you are my daughter, she calls it “the state of the Onion.”   Oddly fitting-  if you compare the good old layers of his presidency to the Onion there are many similarities.  When the secret scheming of the Blackhawks “Zero Dark Thirty mission, was going down, we had just cut into the onion-we had no clue something some innocuous could permeate like that. Then, the helicopters descended on Bin Laden’s compound- bittersweet salty American tears were shed.  When the president came to a little town in Hawaii and licked a snow cone with his daughters with no bodyguards; tears…   Admittedly I tend towards rebellion, and perhaps that is why I’ve put this out there on this day with the low, low approval ratings of Barack Obama, there are still things one might argue, he is doing rather well?   I was  “Go Hillary”  early on for sure, but not now, I am “GO leadership” “Go un-do the Bush embarrassment” GO- no time like the present!  I support my powers that be, but would never envy him his job.  I knew upon his first election, he was eloquent, down to earth, salt of the earth even, a little black, a little white, a little human.  He could appreciate a white house beer, he was, one of us.   He admitted, he sneaks a cig when things get tense.  I defend him up until he defends himself tonight at his televised hashing of his political innards before he legitimizes his presidency.

    I also think I understand why he chose the wrap and tuck quick fix, mend over the U.S. proverbial leaky pipes, rather than the copper one.  The Republicans wouldn’t give him the vote for the money for the copper pipes, let alone a wrench to do the job.    I also know there is little loyalty in this life.   When the turkeys try and get you down, you need to make friends with some chickens too?   Encouragement motivates, positivity motivates, the self fulfilling prophecy holds truth.   If the people believe in you-you will rise to being worthy of their backing.   And as far as beliefs and bringing opportunity to the people in need, he has brought forth the topic of human dignity by even suggesting the need for a health care plan!  He reminds us, If you were born into the U.S.  there is a distinction of your life from the life of those in Mexico, Russian or Yemen. You deserve the basics that fuel you, to be the best YOU.   Whether it worked or not, it seems worth mentioning he brought up the ugly truth, that there was a need for basics that weren’t being met in this century of modernity.  He brought it fearlessly to the table, for humanity to be spoken for.  Did it work?   Again, when your filled with doubters and haters, you aren’t going to produce your best work.     This applies to everything from politics to parenting.  When they do start to get on board, pitch in….look to you, your immediately suspect, and why?  They are only providing you with nails and wood to help you build a fence, a 360 degree fence, with you on the inside of it, and no gate! 

     Mr. Obama, I will still support you and tune in to hear what you have to say tonight.  You may need to use a life line or phone a friend, no matter how smart you are, sometimes, you are just plain outnumbered.  I play this song for you, to remind you Barack, can I call you that?   When, you were re-elected, and we won, we won dignity!  We won the attention, a wee glance, of envy from other countries as being progressive, we won young peoples’ interests in politics, and I remind you the spirit of real life relating Obama imparted unto our government.  We hired on the first person of color, because, in the U.S. “you gotta get with the times!”  Americans, you should be proud, of the work he has brought to the table knowing the ridicule he has taken, I see his future term as a tale of Bravery and Realism…..as well as funky good taste in what grooves us.



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