Find your Gemstone

     Do you find a strong need to hunt for treasures at the Goodwill, peruse the bookstore, bargain shop for kitchen items?   Mainly, when you are supposed to be fixing your laptop or writing out bills or cleaning the fridge. Do you ever divert yourself from more pressing things?  Sometimes my blog serves as not just a practice in honing my craft, or a soapbox for assessing my audience. It serves as a whistleblower, it calls me out on avoiding my goal.  I don’t fool myself-after all, honesty is my most prized writer’s tool.    In honor of calling us all out-if you also suffer from the hidden doubts that busy us it’s time to cut the crap.   Today, if not yesterday is the the time, to piece together collectives, the cohesive point to all of your brilliant nuggets.   Today just look at your work as a friend might. Confront your fear of rejection or even possible success.   Confront the fear…all of it, even if it’s “no one will publish this stuff posthumously if some tragic death swoops down on me….. In February, in honor of the “love month,” Decide what you love and go after it. I too will revisit my first love, writing.

Please enjoy my quotes and photo montage for the month of February.  If you bloggers and treasure hunters, self sabbotagers, stop honing and researching- whatever it may be and start producing the final product, life will answer your call.  It’s very much like collecting your favorite rocks and beach glass, putting them into the polisher and waiting for weeks.  Eventually, as sacred as these the little tidbits of beach memories are in their raw state, they’re not done. They need to be entrusted to the company of others; bumping up against each other so the more brilliant ones sift through. They need to be tumbled, and whittled and locked away in the dark.  They need erosion; processes that help them shine. Have a childlike moment with me, stuff your pockets with “rocks”  in hopes of finding your gemstones, crack them open if need be; but find them!  Good Luck!

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