Word Teaser: write what happens next

     She was painfully early to everything.  I never knew why.  Nor did I ask.  I just didn’t want to be that kid whose mom peered through the steam softened windows at the school dance. Was she trying to stir some sense of emotion or just curious?  She married a man who my peers assumed was my grandfather.   I often wondered had she surrendered her want for physical touch in doing so or was he somehow attractive to her?  She didn’t even hug me or perhaps I pushed her away when she tried?   Her sense of duty, the way she clung to her sorry existence was a prominent characteristic for her.  She took the least attractive jobs and had friends that seemed to befriend her out of pity.  It stuck with her far too long, she simply lived for her kids and sold herself short.  It wasn’t until later I found that my joking of her “having been raised by wolves” wasn’t too far off from her real start in life.

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