The Sum Of Content


The sum of content


How do you quantify

Life’s satisfaction;

…the sum of content?

To Stand on the Banks of the Seine,

having had a grade-school, life-long friend?

A Subway ride into Brooklyn,

A sizeable raffle win?

To have shaken a president’s hand?

To have marched, in the Rose Bowl in the high-school band?

To share a beer, back stage, with a prominent star

To have escaped death and have the scar

To have plunged unclothed into a lake from a cliff

To have attended the Ballet….bored stiff

To have beheld the womb’s gifts in both pink and blue

To have had a whole day with absolutely nothing to do,

To have settled with peace if today you would bid a final adieu

 Like a once-loved forgotten toy,

Realized love… lost, is better than love you never knew

If your life’s quantifiable meaning isn’t yet infinitesimal bliss

Repair the holes,

Should you need to blow the world a kiss

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