The Face of Lupus

Thanks Michael!

Thanks Michael!

It hurts to squeeze a lemon,

It hurts to brush my hair

I hear you say “just text me”

and the swelling and Pain,

just make me swear &%*#@*#*@!

It hurts to squeeze the toothpaste

My hand’s as crumpled as my hope

Will there ever be cure for Lupus?

Some days it feels a cure would be a rope…

It hurts to pretend to keep up with you,

It hurts to hide the pain from my face

It hurts to know there is so much suffering

As a member of this human race

Sometimes I must share the scary stuff

And remind us both, we are not alone

Cause this Lupus stuff can be a huge life barrier

Worse than a teenager

and his phone.

infusion2The Face of Lupus Thanks you-REAL Survivors, meant to be here!

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