Not Present

I am here, right in front of you.

It’s okay to raise your hand

If you need evidence that I am here,

Touch the skin of my face

As Helen Keller would do.

Join me in this moment

Come back, wherever you are.

It’s better here with me

Someone scared you from the day

And now you only talk

in your sleep.

It’s safe here.

Put on your sunglasses

and tell me

….to my face

what part of me

Reminds you of him?

Contrasting addendum:

Exchange between me and my mother
At the end of the day she finally sat by me and looked at me-just as I had beenwanting her to. I had been waiting for her to stop staring, off elsewhere and wipe the expressionless fixed worry off her 64 year old face.….oh joy she sat next to me on my couch and looked over at me…..”you know you wouldn’t have those deep wrinkles on your forehead if you did not make that face you always make whenever you’re talking.” “They are character lines mother, I will cherish and savor them as a good thing as they reveal I have character, much the way you will forever savor your smooth forehead!

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