At My age……..

                            At my age…….

At my age you’re damn straight I wear sexy panties,

We must strut around feeling sexy as we don’t

turn heads on the street anymore.

At my age we hold our heads high with confidence

And feel good in our skin, despite its’ new sags

Head HIGH….. or Beware the double chin

At my age we want that fancy device that makes us feel youthful…..Yeah THAT one….

when we purchase the nose hair trimmer for “grandpa” for Christmas

Why MUST we ask the clerk to free it from under lock and key?

At my age, surely we look to old to steal? We don’t wander Victoria Secret at the mall for Bridle gifts

But instead to fantasize about that black little number and how

Housework in thigh highs would indeed be more fun?

At my age we secretly want hand trucks for Christmas rather than cute leather boots

Because practicality wins and silly plastic clogs are great for gardening?

At my age we’ve been reminded one too many times

That beauty withers unless we carry it in our every action

And yes action at My age IS a flirtatious smile…..before I drift off to a good night’s sleep

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