Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Wolverines don’t cry alone
Wolverines prefer the pack;
And if the kill is good
The hunger comes back.
Salivation is natural, but there’s no juice in their jowls,
But the passion’s there
So they keep up the prowl.
Sunrise in winter
Is rare when the mercury dips low
Usually fever nags, soars and sours
We celebrate the day the pain will go
Moods like the moon rage high;
Tiptoe around angst, once unknown
And howl at the glory of prednisone
Like a winter coat is shed
A new day of healing rears its head
The ribbons of life’s gift fall free
Beauty overpowers fatigue,
And persists beyond slumbers bed
Autumn smiles, Salmon, winter berries- no bread
Gone are crippling flames of yesterday’s despair
Waste not-be Great FULL!”
Together the pack hunts
for repair.

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