Roadtrip with Mom

href=””&gt;roadtripsbliss ,I should have said goodbye-I know….but- truth is- I hate goodbye. It was this special to me, as if the lands behind me were a person. Goodbye bubbling mud pits, goodbye drooling buffalo, good bye yellow mountains, winding roads of Owuheehee<a I know it's symbolic that we skipped Devil's peak. I fear the "Devil" as much as I fear detail.
I am headed back from the seeing clay stacks of time and the beauty of the rolling green plains that drop into a time warp, a never-ending crevice without warning- reminiscent of life or death-perhaps?
I went exploring this summer, pulling a trailer and considering I have seen more of Europe than the U.S. It was high time. The America that I know and love reminds me to keep my chin up, appreciate simplicity, get dirty enough to marvel at the wonder of soap. It's important to get good and far away from home in the summer. To appreciate that being American should conger with it some team spirit, collective humanity, understanding. Taking the all American road trip this summer, following in the wagon wheel tracks of Lewis and Clark on the heels of small town American and big sky, big enough to reflect shadows on it’s shoulders of the very sky itself has made me grateful. It has brought me a prideful sense of curiosity, about our ancestors. Many of whom, Native American, had pride in their lands and felt the animals, the prairies, the storms, the bison were as much a part of their neighborhood as our shrubs and flower pots to us. There neighborhood was the land, peopled or not. I now feel compelled to dig up my own histories, pasts, seedlings of my own family that planted me here. My tales of Yellowstone, are those of awestruck marvel. Again a huge reminder that The earth is sooooo fragile. It’s like a Meringue crust dried to a crunchy layer and it may not look like it will crumble under foot, but it will. Look at the sinkholes in Florida and the roads demolished by crushing rains in Colorado. Revisiting the path of Lewis and Clark, Crazy horse- and legends of our ancestors has spoken to me on many levels, one of gifts… like my own mother-whom traveling with is not unlike road tripping with Chevy Chase and Edith Bunker. After setting off that Car alarm at 3am-on our first night in Yellowstone, I newly value the patience and ability to shrug off temporary burdens of discomfort; like lack of sleep. I am encouraged to be extra generous, giving, and kind to my new neighbors on all sides, and know it's about the journey because if your sleep deprived, just take pictures you won't remember the destination?
When I dipped my toes in Hot Springs, and allowed my mother to cook me packaged Costco food night after night, it reminded me how lucky I am to have culinary gifts at my fingers tips, skills of a cook, and know that I've been worse places for breakfast, like say, Denny's or the hospital. And that my bed will feel like exactly where I need to be, when I arrive home from exploring not just the outside world but all that I pull from for strength on the inside when traveling in a 4 person trailor with six people on the road for two weeks in the summer! BbadlandsFBadlands-

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