Syria…and Making Barack understand

Syria and Making Barack Understand.


It’s not that we forgot about the role model we are as American citizens, the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”  It’s just we’re a bit gun shy, Mr. President.   We haven’t dried our tears from the last bad idea, and the dregs we still know all too well, the war in Iraq that has spilled into Afghanistan.    I mean we are not having a problem in our country with nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction, just an epidemic of mentally ill citizens without coping skills…. with freedom to wield firearms and real shaky hopes for a tomorrow.    

     We practice our definition of humanity and democracy and see the bloodshed flashing across our HD T.V.s but our preoccupation is still back in December, lamenting the loss of our school children at the hand of yet another mentally ill young person.   At the other end of the spectrum, with elderly that are so ill and sucking up resources that aren’t there, we find every month some spouse going to jail for shooting their loved ones. This to “put them out of their misery.” In our own country, we have a war, scared citizens, feeling that lack of medical and healthcare which fails to deliver undermines their ambition, to be all that they can be.    We don’t like seeing children gassed or civil unrest, when we can share a thing or two to make the world better.  But honestly, Mr. President, it’s the little things that need tending to, the proverbial pebble in our shoe rather than the boulder in our way.  We got some housekeeping to do first in our own backyards.  Then, we will rise strong and with fervor to tend to our misguided neighbor, Syria.  It doesn’t mean we’re passive, it means, we are accountable to protect the interests of our own so we can feel our example is one of truth.

We just really feel that we are having a “war” of sorts with our own people.  No-it’s not as visually devastating as publicly gassing our own.   It’s just that….quietly we are robbing them by overly inflated healthcare, lack of protection and safety, by leaving coping skills and anger management and “successful arguments 101” out of the curriculum in middle school classrooms.  We also have an inflated sense of freedom where whack jobs who don’t get the attention they need, know they got “rights” and gun access even when they never learned the skills needed to cope.

      First things first, sending soldiers into a civil war is still going to expose them to nightmarish scenes that “Free” people, should never have to be exposed to.  The PTSD from our present military has mental illness still spilling over, like the flood waters cresting the banks of our newly warmed planet’s rivers. It will manifest itself; in ways that weigh heavily on our hearts.  Give us time to rekindle the energy to aspire to hopes and dreams, to attend to the battles WE Americans live every day, and maybe once again we can truthfully be the home of the brave and the free. 

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