The Color of Ambition

     The color of Ambition is warm earthy yellow like the glow from the early September sun, like the warm sunny yellow of a duckling, like the bold yellow maple leaf clinging to the abundance of rusty orange colored leaves.   It’s the pale yellow like the crust on a lemon bar, or the paint color in the can, called French Sonnet that I painted my bathroom perhaps more for the name than the color.  It’s a hint of lemon infusion, a color that invites the conductor to the stage to work his magic.  It’s an open heart willing, teachable, open to hearing the symphony like you never did before.   Yellow is warm and open armed and hears the urging and precise direction of the conductor fine tuning your ear, to hear the nuances in your own inner music.  It reminds you to go back if you hit a sharp or flat and re do it until it’s your version of perfect.   Yellow is like the symphony music you hear when planting flowers under the window box of your child’s room.  The Yellow of ambition is like the brass of the trumpet section that reminds you that coffee is not the only remedy for tired blood.  There is always classical music, in an old auditorium, with wooden seats and perfect acoustics.  Listen for the color of ambition it may have the tender skin of a newborn or be as familiar as an old warn out classic novel, you pick up again and again.  What is the color of ambition? Today, it’s yellow. Tomorrow it may be blue?

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