Bird Song

What? Hmmm? A little louder please, oh not THAT loud. Okay, Okay. I get it.
I am listening with every pore of my being. My eyes meet yours, my lips quiver as I decode not just the words but their weight, what’s behind them, the silence in between them, the way some are slower to come and some are hard for you even to say. I can practically feel the vibrations forming on your vocal chords. I am ready for not just the words but the impact they will have once they have left your tongue. I hear the intention. It makes me cry, the signs were always there… like particulates of pollution getting more visible in the heat. Now I know not just what you say but why you say it. I haven’t been hearing you. I feel ungrateful for the skin covering my bones, I was ungrateful that a bird chose my tree, my backyard- me to allow hear it’s song. I didn’t hear it before. If I tell you that I hear it now, will you retract the lesson you’ve put upon me?
Does the universe have to speak so loudly? I wince at the largeness of your message. Next time just mail me a letter so I can digest each word slowly and savor the pain little by little. I not superhuman, I just rediscovered my ears after all.

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