Dear Music

Dear Music, Dear, Dear music,

 What can I say?  You were there at my graduation, my first heartbreak, my first birth,my first death.  You were there when the air was filled with nothing.   You were there when my glass felt perpetually empty and the wine seeped through me and pooled beneath me at my feet.  You fell loosely from my lips like promises.  I felt transfused by your harmony and sedated by your chocolatey, gospel Alto tug.  You knew just when to speed tempo, or slow it to a crawl.  I knew-not just by your words, but from the timbre of your voice, you had once felt it too.  You were there…. like dormant muscles rekindled, like a finger that traced the curve back to my lips, you invited the swagger back to my hips. You made the lights dim and my skin glow, you made that kiss so much softer and that tear so much saltier. You made tomorrow the blossom on a dormant plant, like a hallucination from too much hashish; you plucked words out of nowhere and they stuck in the sky like Neon, dripping into droplets and dissipating, poof- words that should have been put to song, sing with me, it’s not too late.

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