I Promise to be Okay

Quiet used to tug at me,
like an empty wishing well.
Tarnished pennies
still add up to more hopes
then a bride left at the altar.
Heaven reveals the Y in the road
when silence engulfs me,
Panic dissuades me from breathing.
My instinct is to drink
And- Like a drunk, I’ll drink what you’ve got.
I won’t smoke because it’s dirty
But I’ll take a drag
if it’ll work,
Fill my lungs with new hope
Strengthen my blood to fight off cancer;
If it refills my well with clean water
I’ll lap from it, like a kitten laps his milk,
I will smoke until the embers burn my fingers
And I’ll let the quiet settle nicely,
In a way that the whole world
Feels new again.
I promise to be okay; to embrace the music
In the square dance of my mind.

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