When Terrorist acts happen, how is today different?

When the Boston episode happened it ignited many emotions. First, came the overwhelming feeling of vulnerability and disappointment that someone had failed at their job, let us down. Second came empathy for those who witnessed bloodshed and became victims on the day they were to capture a dream. Instead they confronted a public nightmare. It still sickens me that forever people will pass by that spot and recall that their lives flashed before them. Or that-THAT was the place they lost their leg. I feel real heartache for those who had to bury a young family member. Then, the usual sense of patriotism kicks in. This week, I found myself at a Baseball game, playing soccer in the backyard with my kids and planting in my garden. I pondered whether to hang my American flag, cause it still hurts inside. What is your response today, to mending the hole that acts of terrorism put before you?

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