Hump day Frump day, Non-productive Lump day

Swollen glands
my head-it aches,
household up-keep fails
“tidy” is now rake.
The clothes are strewn
across the floor
need water…
please… no-one…bring me some more?
Be fooled not, I’m truly one tough lady
it’s just….I mean-today I’m sick;
My judgments and my eyes are a wee bit shady.
Hallucinations from Benadryl
fetch daydreams of me, the WOMAN-not the lady
Javier; is that you, I shake out the vision
which was more like Bobby Brady.
Back to bed I go,
I peel off my robe
a task which sucks away all the vim I can muster
today I will rest, so tomorrow’s day
will be me, with more luster

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