Competition and the Ultimate Pill, the Chill Pill

Competition exists naturally. We compete for jobs, we compete for attention alongside our siblings, we compete for the last word in an argument. We even compete for the rights we feel human dignity should afford us. As a parent, I am often shocked by how much competition plays into properly maneuvering the public school setting. We should come away with a sense that the education we are receiving is going to provide some stepping stones for further success in life? But-it’s 2013! I fear the definition of success is changing. What is the meaning of success and why is the world clamoring so desperately, pulling out all ethical stops, resorting to violence and bank robbing and using performance enhancing drugs, or popping ADHD meds before collage exams to increase their focus.
Is fear of joblessness what’s pushing people to do the unthinkable? Do they persist in walking the straight path of hard work, and the repeated long hours simply erode away at them when the light bulb goes off? Perhaps a house is an unattainable goal and the drive to achieve wealth-must come from a bottle with today’s demands? Is the American dream false and misleading? Why do so many disconnect from family, when it’s an integral part of a solid foundation? It’s not uncommon to feel you cannot go back home to get back on your feet. European’s factor this part in. Where has the American family gone wrong? Independent and free may have been misinterpreted. And where is this sense of entitlement for the younger generation coming from? Why are they too good to start out slinging burgers like we did? Today’s modern family is closer to their yoga teachers and dog trainers than their own families. How do we get back on track?
In their search for jobs, admittedly the college aged kids are finding too often a degree only translates into years of debt that won’t be recouped. The job search in itself, is daunting. Perhaps the panic to snatch up available jobs recreates that competitive thirst right out of the gate that keeps them salivating for years. The trend is ruthlessness. We are programmed to set aside values, empathy and honesty to climb the ladder without regard to the faces we may step on. I fear loyalty is lost. Empathy is fleeting and the quality of life is wrapped up in the competition. We fixate on the firmest butt, the perkiest boobs, the nicest car, the biggest home. When will the attention deficit of societies lack of humanity be diagnosed? Where is the pill that instills graciousness, humility, honesty and revels in the contentment of having a roof overhead, good health, just enough to live happily and simply. Oh yeah, there isn’t one.

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